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The predecessor of Yuankang Glass was the “Chongqing Fuling District No. 15 Middle School Bottle Factory,” established in 1995 in Fuling, Chongqing. In 2009, due to the restructuring of the factory, it was renamed “Chongqing Yuankang Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.”. In 2018, Zhejiang Zhouqing Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. formally injects capital and holds the company, and was renamed “Chongqing Zhouqing Yuankang Glass Co., Ltd.”. Yuankang Glass Products Co., Ltd. is an industrial glass product manufacturer integrating development, research, production, and sales. We have six production bases in Chongqing Fuling, Zhejiang Lishui, Jiangsu Yancheng, etc, more than 20 research and development engineers, and employs industry experts as technical consultants. Yuankang Glass has advanced production equipment and has been focusing on the manufacturing technology and design of high-quality glass products to manufacture various types of glass products.


YUANKANG GLASS has more than 20 years of productin history for glass Oral liquid bottles, it is a large-scale production enterprise of glass medicine bottles in the same industry, such as blue glass medicine bottles, green glass medicine bottles, amber glass medicine bottles and clear glass medicine bottles, etc. The enterprise has 2 copies of the “Registration Certificate for Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials and Containers (Class I)” issued by the State Food and Drug Administration. YUANKANG GLASS has an annual output of hundreds of millions of various medicinal glass bottles, and there are a variety of bottle types and specifications to choose from.

In addition, YUANKANG GLASS also manufactures high-quality glass cosmetic bottles, including frosted glass cosmetic bottles, glass cosmetic spray bottles, etc., which are suitable for a variety of cosmetic specifications and strictly follow the ISO9002 quality management system for management and production, with an annual output of hundreds of millions of cosmetic bottles.

The most important thing is that we can customize a variety of medicinal glass bottles and cosmetic glass bottles. Customers can provide us with demand and specifications to customized products. Our strict commitment to quality ensures that our customers get the best quality containers at the best prices.

YUANKANG GLASS adheres to the business and service philosophy of “sincere service, pursuit of excellence, customer first, and production of products that satisfy customers”. Its sales and service network covers many provinces and cities and many countries around the world. Pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics companies in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries have established long-term good cooperative relations. Through rich product support, first-class after-sales service and professional sales team, YUANKANG GLASS provides safe and high-quality products to more than 500 customers around the world, including more than 50 listed pharmaceutical companies and nearly 100 well-known cosmetics companies. YUANKANG GLASS has been unanimously recognized by partners (Taiji Group, Chengda Biology, Tiankang Biology, etc.) in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

In 2019, YUANKANG GLASS plans to requisition about 50 acres of land in the Fuling New District Industrial Park, invest in the establishment of projects, and upgrading and transforming the production process. This project is a new base for YUANKANG GLASS’ business expansion plan. It plans to achieve an annual production scale of 3 billion medicinal glass bottles and 5 billion cosmetic bottles. It will serve the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and become one of the key enterprises that provide high-quality brand services to pharmaceutical companies across the country.

Yuankang people adhere to the spirit of “innovation, development, competition, and hard work”; insist on excellence, comprehensively guarantee product quality, and better provide customers with medicinal glass bottles and cosmetic bottles products and supporting services. We look forward to serving you and providing the best container to meet your needs.

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