What are the quality requirements for glass products?

  1. The appearance quality of the glass meets the technical requirements
    Appearance quality: The appearance quality of the original solar control coated glass should meet the automotive-grade technical requirements.
  2. Optical properties of glass products
    Ultraviolet transmittance, visible light reflectance, direct sunlight transmittance, direct sunlight reflectance and total solar transmittance.
  3. Color uniformity
    The color uniformity of the solar control coated glass is expressed by the color difference of the CIELAB uniform color space, and the unit is the excellent product of the reflection color difference of the CIELAB solar control coated glass.
  4. The wear resistance of glass products
    The wear resistance of the coated glass is tested, and the difference between the average value of the visible light transmittance before and after the test is not more than 4%.