Our group company has always focused on technological innovation to lead the development of the enterprise. In 2005, the technology development department was established. The company is currently mainly engaged in independent development and research of medical bottles and cosmetic bottles. It has more than 20 middle and senior engineers. It also hires industry experts as technical consultants to form an advantage in professional and technical personnel every year. In 2017, more than 20 practical patents were obtained, and more than 10 government scientific research projects have been approved. In 2018, the company passed the national high-tech enterprise evaluation.

Quality Certification

The group company became the first enterprise to obtain the Zhejiang Province Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Registration Certificate in 2001. Always adhering to the mission of “customer first, continuous improvement”, passed the ISO9001 quality system certification at the beginning of the 21st century. Effectively operate the quality system for more than ten years in strict accordance with the “Measures for the Management of Direct Contact with Drugs Packaging Materials and Drugs” and “General Rules for the Assessment of Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Production Site”, effectively guaranteeing product quality, and winning a wide range of quality reputation from customers. Beginning in 2017, in order to further promote the international and refined development of the quality system, adopting the internationally leading quality system of the initial packaging materials of medicines (ISO15378), choosing an internationally renowned certification company (SGS) and successfully passing the certification.

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