Make Customers Satisfied

Customer satisfaction is the direct and comprehensive evaluation of customers on the company’s products and services and the recognition of customers on the company, products, services, and employees. “Customer satisfaction is the quality standard” is the quality concept of Yuankang Glass, which reflects the company’s value trend in quality management.

To satisfy customers is to continuously improve the quality of their products through technological innovation and technological progress and produce high-quality products that meet national, industry, and customer standards and meet customers’ most basic requirements for products.

To satisfy customers is to focus on customer requirements in product research and development, design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, and after-sales service. From the customer’s standpoint, think about problems, do work, meet customer requirements, and surpass customer expectations.

To satisfy customers is to provide services to customers every time, through providing customers with “customer value” that exceeds their expectations, make customers satisfied in every cooperation with us, and through this satisfaction, continue to strengthen the trust in us, to become our loyal customer and maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with us.

To meet the national requirements for the continuous improvement of the quality of pharmaceutical packaging materials, the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of pharmaceutical packaging materials and the trend of a diversified selection of pharmaceutical packaging materials by various pharmaceutical factories and customers, the company has been committed to continuous research and development of new products for many years, providing customers with “one-stop” solutions. So if you have a one-stop service demand for pharmaceutical packaging materials, we will be your best choice.

Complaint Handling

If you encounter any dissatisfaction with product quality and service while using our company’s products, please send us an email, we will serve you wholeheartedly and make customers satisfied. Email: XXX

Technical And Consulting

If you have questions about product information consultation, product production technology and research and development, product physical and chemical properties, pharmaceutical packaging materials association review and consistency evaluation, product self-stability research, product compatibility research, etc., please send us an email, we will give you the best solutions and answers for medicine packaging materials. Email: XXX

Complaint management process

The basic process of customer complaint management:
1. Record the complaint, determine the severity level according to the degree of the complaint affecting the product, and maintain the historical customer complaint record;
2. Coordinate with relevant departments to investigate customer complaints;
3. Recommend product recall and discuss (if necessary);
4. After determining the root cause of the complaint, suggest and establish corrective and preventive measures;
5. Issue and approve complaint investigation reports and proposed corrective and preventive measures;
6. Send the complaint investigation report to the customer.

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