Glass bottle manufacturers do surface treatment

  1. The reason why glass bottle manufacturers do glass bottle surface treatment
    Change the chemical stability of the product surface and eliminate the damage on the surface of the glass bottle to achieve the purpose of enhancement. The most important way to achieve this goal is to add paint during the production process, chemical strengthening, physical strengthening, surface acid treatment, plastic coating Layers and other methods.
  2. The hot coating of the glass bottle coating should be carried out after the production is formed and before the annealing
    When the formed thickness of the glass is slowly cooled to 450~600℃, the metal coating agent is sprayed on the surface of the container to form a certain thickness of the protective film, increasing the surface strength by 30%, so that the glass bottle can withstand a long time Washed and washed with water. To improve the glass bottle’s mechanical strength and thermal stability, we have to use cold air to strengthen it.
  3. After the glass bottle is demolded by the bottle making machine, it must be sent to the horse boiling furnace immediately
    Evenly heat to close to the softening temperature of the glass, and then send it to the tempering chamber. Use a porous nozzle to spray cold air into the glass bottle to cool the glass bottle quickly. Liquid can also be used as a cooling medium for sudden cooling.